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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: ECON304 Course ID: 4268 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This course analyzes money and banking, the US and world financial markets, the role of the central bank, and monetary policies. Topics include principles and issues in money and banking, the nature and functions of money, financial institutions and markets, banking structures, and regulations.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
03/29/21 - 09/03/21 09/06/21 - 10/31/21 Summer 2021 Session D 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

LO-1. Analyze US and world financial markets
LO-2. Compare and contrast monetary policies
LO-3. Discuss the role of the central bank
LO-4. Explain the nature and structure of the Federal Reserve System
LO-5. Evaluate the determinants of the structure of interest rates
LO-6. Explain the nation's money supply

NameGrade %
Midterm 15.00 %
MidTerm Assessment. 15.00 %
Discussion Forum 35.00 %
Introduction 4.38 %
Forum 8 4.38 %
Forum 1 4.38 %
Forum 2 4.38 %
Forum 3 4.38 %
Forum 5 4.38 %
Forum 6 4.38 %
Forum 7 4.38 %
Assignment 20.00 %
Week 7 Research Paper 20.00 %
Final 30.00 %
Final Exam Assessment. 30.00 %
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Author: N/A
Publication Info: N/A
Book Title: Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, 11th Ed. - The VitalSource e-book will be provided via the APUS Bookstore
Author: Frederic S. Mishkin
Publication Info: Pearson
ISBN: 9780133836790

Book Title:Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used. Please visit to locate the course eReserve.*

Previous Syllabi

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