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BUSN650 - The Business of Healthcare

Course Details

Course Code: BUSN650 Course ID: 4632 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

This course is designed to introduce students to the business side of healthcare. Topics include the regulatory environment, employment law, managing and marketing healthcare services. The course also looks at organized delivery systems including the labs, pharmacies, materials maintenance, and physician practice administration.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
05/27/19 - 11/01/19 11/04/19 - 12/29/19 Fall 2019 Session I 8 Week session
07/29/19 - 01/03/20 01/06/20 - 03/01/20 Winter 2020 Session B 8 Week session
09/30/19 - 02/28/20 03/02/20 - 04/26/20 Winter 2020 Session D 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

CO1. Distinguish regulatory constraints and the impact overall to the system as a whole.

CO2. Examine current trends related to healthcare administration.

CO3. Differentiate key components of the healthcare delivery system.

CO4. Assess strategies for creating efficient and effective organized delivery systems.


Please join the forums during weekly sessions. Students must post a main response to the weekly discussion question by Day 3, and at least two replies to other students by Day 7. Active participation is required by replying to classmates during the week of discussion. Therefore, replies after the end of the each week will not be graded. The forums are for student interaction and submitting input after the end of the week serves no learning objectives and does not constitute as participation. Students should demonstrate their own knowledge in the forums and avoid copying and pasting from web sites. Responses will be graded directly from the Forums.


Business of Healthcare Course BUSN650

This LearnScape contains four modules that each take approximately 30-35 minutes to complete. These modules may be used in any sequence depending on specific course needs and requirements.

In these interactive case studies, you will play the role of a health care consultant hired to improve operations and expand services to the community within a large Health Care System.

The LearnScapes will be included in the Forums in Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Case Studies

Each week you will apply the concepts you are learning in a case study application. Please submit these assignments to the course assignment area

to earn a grade. FYI: Turnitin is required for each case. An APA template is provided.

Midterm Exam and Final Exam

The midterm exam, accessed with the Tests & Quizzes link, must be completed and submitted by midnight ET, Week 4, day 7. The exam consists of 40 objective questions intended to assess your understanding of key terminology from Chapters 1-8. You should review the chapters and powerpoints for these chapters in order to prepare for the midterm exam.

The final exam, accessed with the Tests & Quizzes link, will be available on day 6 (Saturday) in week 7, and must be submitted by midnight ET, Week

8, day 6 (Saturday). The exam consists of 40 objective questions intended to assess your understanding of key terminology from Chapters 9-16. You should review the chapters and powerpoints for these chapters in order to prepare for the final exam

The exams are open note. You will have 2 hours to complete each exam. Click on SUBMIT only when you have finished the exam. You will be allowed to submit only once.

Submission of assignments and grading

Be sure to turn in assignments and exams on time. I will grade assignments once a week. If your assignment is submitted after the weekly grading, I will grade it during the next grading period for our class.

File naming convention. To better manage the many files that will be transferred back and forth, always use the following naming convention for your files:

Example: student John Doe is sending in Assignment 5. Name the file: DoeJAssignment5.doc (or rtf).

File types. For the word processing documents, submit files with an extension of either .doc or .rtf only, to ensure that I can read them.

Files submitted without the right naming convention, or that are not in either a .doc or .rtf format, will be returned with a grade of 0 until they are corrected. They will be graded when returned properly. Note that papers submitted late because of these types of problems are subject to a deduction of points.

NameGrade %
Assignments 40.00 %
Week 1 Assignment 6.67 %
Week 2 Assignment 6.67 %
Week 3 Assignment 6.67 %
Week 5 Assignment 6.67 %
Week 6 Case Assignment 6.67 %
Week 7 Case Assignment 6.67 %
Midterm Exam 10.00 %
BUSN650 Midterm Exam 10.00 %
Final Exam 25.00 %
BUSN650 Final Exam 25.00 %
Forums 25.00 %
Week 1 Forum 3.13 %
Week 2 Forum 3.13 %
Week 3 Forum 3.13 %
Week 4 Forum 3.13 %
Week 5 Forum 3.13 %
Week 6 Forum 3.13 %
Week 7 Forum 3.13 %
Week 8 Forum 3.13 %
Book Title:Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used. Links provided inside the classroom in the Lessons section.
Author: No Author Specified

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.