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ANLY699 - Analytics Project

Course Details

Course Code: ANLY699 Course ID: 4880 Credit Hours: 6 Level: Graduate

Preparation for the Applied Business Analytics Project/Capstone begins on day one of a student's graduate program of study. The theories, research methods, analytical skills, analytical tools, and substantive knowledge obtained through their master's curriculum provide the basis for a major data analysis project. Students will work closely with the assigned faculty member to develop the subject matter of their project. The experiential or practical component of the class aims to apply learning in an aspect of interest related to the degree and concentrations of the student’s areas of specialization. It is understood to be a supervised project where data is collected from or about an approved organization. The selection of an organization or site for the project must relate to the content of the student’s course work and/or analytics concentration. Goals of the applied project will be submitted by the student using an application for approval to the faculty member and/or Program Director. The organization will serve as an opportunity to experience the practice of business or big data analytics. This option will act as a capstone of the student’s program and is to be completed in the student’s final semester.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
01/27/20 - 07/03/20 07/06/20 - 10/25/20 Summer 2020 Session A 16 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to

CO1: Review various course concepts connected to Business Analytics

CO2: Compare and synthesize various analytical concepts as it relates to current needs in today’s business environment.

CO3: Apply substantive knowledge obtained through the curriculum to complete a major business analytics project.

CO4: Analyze and interpret results to solve a business problem.

CO5: Develop scholarly communication skills to present results of the project

NameGrade %
Discussion Forums 30.00 %
Discussion Post 1 2.00 %
Discussion Post 2 2.00 %
Discussion Post 3 2.00 %
Discussion Post 4 2.00 %
Discussion Post 5 2.00 %
Discussion Post 6 2.00 %
Discussion Post 7 2.00 %
Discussion Post 8 2.00 %
Discussion Post 9 2.00 %
Discussion Post 10 2.00 %
Discussion Post 11 2.00 %
Discussion Post 12 2.00 %
Discussion Post 13 2.00 %
Discussion Post 14 2.00 %
Discussion Post 15 2.00 %
Writing Assignments 50.00 %
Assignment 1 3.85 %
Assignment 2 3.85 %
Assignment 3 3.85 %
Assignment 4 3.85 %
Assignment 5 3.85 %
Assignment 6 3.85 %
Assignment 7 3.85 %
Assignment 8 3.85 %
Assignment 9 3.85 %
Assignment 10 3.85 %
Assignment 11 3.85 %
Assignment 12 3.85 %
Assignment 13 3.85 %
Final Exam 20.00 %
Assignment 15 - Final Paper 20.00 %

Required Course Textbooks

There are no textbooks in this course but you are free to access any and all textbooks and materials from your prior courses at APUS as reference material for your work in this course. In addition, you can review the resources listed below:

How do I write a literature review?
How do I format a literature review?

What's the difference between an annotated bibliography and a literature review?

Book Title:No text books required. Students may use learning materials, and text books from previous analytics courses as references.
Author: No Author Specified

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.