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Course Details

Course Details

Course Code: ACCT499 Course ID: 4274 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

The Capstone course is a senior level course designed to allow the student to review, analyze, and integrate the work the student has completed toward a degree in Accounting. The students will examine a number of real-world cases that relate to auditing and accounting issues, and students will prepare an approved academic project or paper that demonstrates mastery of their program of study in a meaningful culmination of their learning and to assess their level of mastery of the stated outcomes of their degree requirements. Students must complete ALL Core and Major courses prior to this course. Students must have access to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel software. (Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 105 hours towards your program)

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
11/30/20 - 04/30/21 05/03/21 - 06/27/21 Spring 2021 Session I 8 Week session
01/25/21 - 07/02/21 07/05/21 - 08/29/21 Summer 2021 Session B 8 Week session
02/22/21 - 07/30/21 08/02/21 - 09/26/21 Summer 2021 Session I 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • CO1. Distinguish the role of judgment in analyzing various acceptable accounting practices, determining the results of their outcomes, and selecting the best accounting treatment for a transaction
  • CO2. Analyze the corporate and social responsibilities for accounting.
  • CO3. Demonstrate the results of accounting research in clear and concise written and oral reports.
  • CO4. Evaluate complex accounting issues by applying analysis skills to business situations.
  • CO5. Summarize the factors that drive the accounting industry.
  • CO6. Describe the impact that the field of accounting has had on society in the past several years.
  • CO7. Analyze leading issues in the field of accounting.
  • CO8. Demonstrate an understanding of the skills needed to conduct research.

Method of Assessment

A. Tests:

There will be two (2) tests in the course, a midterm and a final given in modules four and eight respectively. The tests in this class will consist of multiple choice questions and/or short answer problems. Tests will be three hours long and focus on the material covered in the course. Tests may be administered using the Examity test proctoring service. Please verify in the course announcements and/or the Lessons tab if the course will use test proctoring. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the instructor and the test proctoring service regarding any schedule changes or non- disability related accommodations.

B. Case Studies:

Course assignments are located in the assignments tab. These assignments will be a series of cases that students will complete. Assignments will have a specific due date with specific instructions. Late assignments will be subject to the university’s Late Work/Make-up Policy detailed in the student handbook. Please be advised the instructor reserves the right to implement their own late assignment policy.

C. Comprehensive Project:

The comprehensive project will consist of a research paper. Please refer to the APA Manual 6th edition for the formtat of the project. Written assignment submissions should follow APA format. The paper is assigned in Week 6 and due by Sunday of Week 8. Please be advised the instructor reserves the right to implement their own late assignment policy.

D. Discussion Forums:

Participation in the discussion forums is an essential component of the final grade. All students are expected to engage in lively discussions and answer instructor follow-up questions. The quality of participations along with student netiquette will be a part of the grade.

Assessment of the Course Objectives

Course Objectives

Assessment Methods

1 - 8

Test question, case study, discussion, and comprehensive project

The following distribution will be used in assigning grades (decimal points will be rounded to the nearest whole number at semester’s end).


Quality Points/Grading Percent


4.0/ 100 – 94


3.67/ 93 – 90


3.33/ 89 – 87


3.0/ 86 – 84


2.67/ 83 –80


2.33/ 79 – 77


2.0/ 76 – 73


1.67/ 72 – 70


1.33/ 69 – 67


1.0/ 66 – 64


0.67/ 63 – 60


0.0/ 59 – 0

Comprehensive Exam - CPC - Based Standardized Assessment

This course requires students to complete the CPC-Based Standardized Assessment provided by Peregrine Academic Services. The exam results are used to measure program

You need to do your best. A link titled “Peregrine Testing” has been added to the left hand navigation bar, which will take you through the registration and testing

process. The 120

The topics are as follows:

  1. Marketing
  2. Business Finance
  3. Accounting
  4. Management
  5. Economics
  6. Business Ethics in Accounting
  7. Global Dimensions of Business Accounting
  8. Information Systems
  9. Quantitative Techniques, Statistics, and Research Analysis
  10. Business Policies
  11. Legal Environment of Business
  12. Business Communications
  13. Leadership in Accounting

Please keep in mind that this is a program

This assessment is a graded assignment; however, it is graded on a curve since the exam is not based on a traditional 1005% of the course grade.

As one of the final assessments of your program, your score will affect your completion of this course and ultimately your graduation. Your exam score, once sent back to the classroom, will be recalculated within hours of the score being returned to determine your final score for the course. If you have any questions

about your final score, please reach out to your professor as soon as possible.

Assessment Test by Peregrine – Registration Instructions Please follow these instructions carefully. The test must be completed within 48 hours of starting the test and only three access attempts are allowed. Allow approximately 50<90

minutes to complete the test. If you have any technical issues, please contact Peregrine Academic Services directly at 1-877-260-1555.

  1. Select

  1. Enter registration password APUSOUTB61001 (note: password is case sensitive)

  1. Select Proceed with Registration.

  1. Review the options available and check the box next to ACCT 499 Senior Seminar in Accounting. Be sure to check the correct exam.

5.Select Review Your Selection(s) and Proceed with Registration.

  1. Review your Course/Exam selection and, if correct, select Proceed to Registration.

  1. Complete the registration information. Be sure to correctly enter your APUS Student ID.

  1. Select Review Registration

  1. If all registration information is correct, select Complete Registration.

  1. The next page provides you with an Exam Key and a hyperlink to the exam.

  1. If you are ready to start the exam, select the hyperlink “ACCT 499 Senior Seminar in Accounting”under the Course/Exam heading

  1. If you are not ready to start the exam, find and save the email sent to you from Peregrine Academic Services, LLC where you will find a link to your exam, further instructions about the exam and how to access your results.

  1. Review the information on the first screen of the exam. Check the course name at the top left and verify your name and APUS Student ID for accuracy. Select your degree program of study from the drop down list. Then select Confirm.

  1. When finished, Save and Print Completion Certificate and upload as required to post to your assignment area.

When you are ready to begin, click on “Peregrine Testing”. You will be taken to the registration page for the exam. The majority of your student information will already be filled out, and you will just be required to select your program and concentration (these will not affect the contents of the tests). Click on “Confirm”. Read all information on the following pages carefully, The timer will start when you click “Begin Exam”.

If you have already taken and completed the Outbound Peregrine Accounting Exam for ACCT499, DO*NOT*take*the*exam*again. Your previous Outbound Peregrine Accounting Exam results can be used. If you need assistance retrieving your completion certificate, please visit certificates.php or if you need further assistance, visit http://

NameGrade %
Weekly Forums 10.00 %
Week 4 Forum 5.00 %
Week 8 Forum 5.00 %
Case Studies 30.00 %
Week 1 Assignment 5.00 %
Week 2 Assignment 5.00 %
Week 3 Assignment 5.00 %
Week 5 Assignment 5.00 %
Week 7 Assignment 5.00 %
Week 8 Assignment 5.00 %
Tests 35.00 %
Final Exam 17.50 %
Midterm Exam 17.50 %
Comprehensive Project 20.00 %
Week 6 - Research Paper 20.00 %
Peregrine Assessment 5.00 %
Peregrine Assessment 5.00 %
Unassigned 0.00 %
Peregrine Score 0.00 %

Course Readings

  • Please go to the "Outline" section of the syllabus for a listing of the weekly readings.

Websites and Videos

In addition to the required course texts, the following public domain Websites are useful. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources. Note website addresses are subject to change.

  • Accounting Standards Codification
  • KPMG Institutes
  • Ernst &Young Insights
  • Accounting Today
  • The CPA Journal
  • Journal of Accountancy
  • IASB
  • SEC
  • American Psychological Association (APA) Style Website
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • Turnitin Website
Book Title:Various resources from the APUS Library & the Open Web are used. Links provided inside the classroom.
Author: No Author Specified
Book Title:Students are required to authenticate themselves with a proctor service for certain assessments in this course. Authentication requires access to a computer with a webcam, microphone, and speakers or headset. Instructions provided i
Publication Info:Examity

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.