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SPMT620 - Leadership and Management in Sport


This course examines contemporary and productive management principles and concepts used throughout the sports industry and various sport organizations. Through this course, students will learn skills related to creative problem solving and strategic planning, while developing the skills to lead, organize, and delegate in managerial and leadership positions.






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
09/24/18 - 03/01/19 03/04/19 - 04/28/19 Winter 2019 Session D - 8 Week session
11/26/18 - 05/03/19 05/06/19 - 06/30/19 Spring 2019 Session I - 8 Week session
01/28/19 - 06/28/19 07/01/19 - 08/25/19 Summer 2019 Session B - 8 Week session

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