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PSYC490 - Independent Study: Psychology


This Independent Study course provides an opportunity for undergraduate Psychology students to examine in depth, and with individualized guidance from a professor, a specific area within the discipline of psychology. The course is open to upper division Psychology majors only. Independent Study course sections are 8-weeks long and run during the University’s regular monthly course offering cycles. Completing of this course off cycle or for less than 3 credits is not permitted. No exams are included in the course. Course completion will involve weekly in-classroom engagement with the Independent Study professor, to be accomplished via asynchronous discussion board engagements, assignment grading feedback and email, and the multi-phased completion of an in-depth peer-reviewed literature review paper with a required minimum length of 20 main body pages and formatted per the editorial requirements of the American Psychological Association (APA), along with the completion of any other supporting assignments to be determined by the professor. Independent Study involves advanced-level student work held to rigorous standards and it should not be attempted merely as a means of earning 3 credits needed to finish up a degree. To be eligible to register for the course, a student must be actively enrolled in the undergraduate Psychology degree program and must have completed 24 hours at APUS toward the degree. Prior to attempting PSYC490 registration, the student must first have identified an Independent Study topic focus of interest, and must have discussed the proposed topic with and obtained a memo of commitment from a professor agreeing to teach the course. The student also must have subsequently obtained approval from the Psychology Program Director prior to any registration attempt. Ample time for meeting these responsibilities must be allowed and attempts to do so should not be made during the final week before the registration period for the target course session closes, as each required step in the process necessitates consultation and review turnaround time. A month of lead time is strongly recommended. Following completion of these responsibilities, the student will be notified that a section of PSYC490 Independent Study has been opened for individual registration. The student must then complete official online registration for the course prior to the ending of the regular course registration period (late registration for this course is not permitted), enter the classroom during Week 1 to connect with his/her professor, review the course syllabus and all other classroom materials, and subsequently complete each week of the course as required by the professor. Pre-requisite: PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology. Available to upper division APUS Psychology majors only. Must have completed 24 hours at APUS toward current degree program. (Prerequisite: PSYC101).





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