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INFO399 - Information Technology Practicum


The field of Information Technology (IT) is multi-faceted; it includes technology areas such as database development, web based applications, business intelligence, visual communications, data analysis, software development, network security, cybercrime, digital forensics, security auditing, security certification, service delivery, and governance. The IT industry requires credentialed professionals that are academically sound and that have the ability to complete real world IT projects. This course provides an opportunity to integrate academic rigor with real world experience; to apply theory to solve real world problems, to make the learning experiential, to facilitate project-based learning, and to integrate scholarship with practice. This course is a supervised practicum; students must submit project plans and obtain Faculty member approval prior to beginning any work on the project. The requirements of the project plan will be provided in the syllabus; it should include the project sponsor, manager, scope, objectives, methodology, progress reporting, deliverables, and schedules. The student must also submit progress reports and a final report that includes an acceptance sign-off from the project sponsor. The Faculty member also has to approve the completed project in order for the student to earn a successful grade in this class. The student is responsible to have access to all the necessary software, documents, and other materials necessary to fulfill the requirements of this course. Enrollment is contingent upon the approval of the faculty member.






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