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FSMT289 - Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply


This course is a theoretical study to understand the principles of the use of water in fire protection and to apply hydraulic principles to analyze and solve water supply problems. The student can expect to apply the application of math and physics to the movement of water in fire suppression activities; comprehend the design principles of fire service pumping apparatus; analyze the community fire flow demand criteria; and demonstrate understanding of hydraulics, water characteristics, fluid pressure, hydrokinetics, Bernoulli’s formula, nozzle reaction, friction loss in water conductors, nozzle pressure equation, water distribution systems, Hazen-Williams equation, fire flow tests, determination of required fire flow, fire service pump design and testing, friction loss calculations, engine and nozzle pressure, Underwriter’s formula, parallel lines, Wyed lines, aerial stream calculations, relay pumping, mobile water supply, fire streams, four hydraulic laws of friction loss, and fire fighting foams and foam systems.






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
09/24/18 - 03/01/19 03/04/19 - 04/28/19 Winter 2019 Session D - 8 Week session
11/26/18 - 05/03/19 05/06/19 - 06/30/19 Spring 2019 Session I - 8 Week session
01/28/19 - 06/28/19 07/01/19 - 08/25/19 Summer 2019 Session B - 8 Week session
05/27/19 - 11/01/19 11/04/19 - 12/29/19 Fall 2019 Session I - 8 Week session

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Book Title: Fire Service Hydraulics & Pump Operations - e-book available in the APUS Online Library; link also provided in the classroom Lessons section
ISBN: 9781593702854
Publication Info: N/A
Author: Spurgeon, Paul
Unit Cost: $72.68
Electronic ISBN: N/A
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