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EDUC651 - Technology Leadership in Education


The course is designed to help school administrators develop an understanding of how to create and support technological change through a systems approach. Topics include sources of resistance to change, tools for planning, decision-making and change, creating and supporting a culture for learning and change, and managing and institutionalizing change systems. Administrators will evaluate the essential 21st century skills for success in today’s world, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity and collaboration, as well as skills and strategies for leading their school or district into the ongoing process of technology integration.






Schedule of Classes

Registration Dates Course Dates Session
11/26/18 - 05/03/19 05/06/19 - 06/30/19 Spring 2019 Session I - 8 Week session
02/25/19 - 08/02/19 08/05/19 - 09/29/19 Summer 2019 Session I - 8 Week session

Course Materials

Previous Syllabi

Book Title: Educational Administration:Concepts and Practices, 6th ed (9781111301248/Lunenburg/Ornstein) -Text required for EDUC520 and EDUC651, 1 purchase required. (Hard copy not available through the APUS Bookstore)
Publication Info: N/A
Author: N/A
Unit Cost: N/A
Electronic ISBN: N/A
Electronic Unit Cost: N/A

Book Title: Walking Trees: Portraits of Teachers and Children in the Culture of Schools
ISBN: 9780435081218
Publication Info: Heinemann
Author: Ralph Fletcher
Unit Cost: $34.53
Electronic ISBN: N/A
Electronic Unit Cost: N/A