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Did you know more than half of our graduates return for a second degree?

Alumni status has rewards.

Congratulations on completing your education program here at APU. Your success brings with it some rightfully earned privileges. For starters, our career coaches can help you with resume building, job-seeking advice, and interview preparation. Plus, you get complete access to the university’s job board and other career services insights like company and industry profiles, salary ranges, and more.

The APU alumni login also provides access to your unofficial transcripts, full use of our award-winning online library, membership in alumni social media outlets, and links to your current connections in The Quad. The alumni center will keep you current on university news, provide an outlet for applying for alumni awards and recognition, and much more. And when you're ready to come back to take another class, you can do so without having to re-enroll. Welcome back!

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Everyone here wants to see you succeed — from start to finish

Like schools with physical classrooms, here you'll find field-tested professors who teach you, other working adult students who relate to you, and understanding academic and career coaches who guide you. Plus, our award-winning e-library and helpful blogs and newsletters are always right at your fingertips. You may be learning online, but you won’t feel alone.

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Proof positive. It's nice to know how others feel.


of seniors evaluated their experience as positive

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), 2012


of employers would hire another one of our graduates

APUS Alumni Employer Survey, January 2010-December 2015


of seniors would choose us again

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), 2012


of our students return for another degree

American Public Education Fact Sheet, June 2013