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Part 3: Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Environmental Professionals

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Our panel of industry experts will cover the top public speaking tips for environmental professionals to help you be more confident, persuasive, and therefore, more successful as you interact in new projects and build your network, as follows:

  • Cover the critical qualities and skills for memorable speakers
  • Address best practices on how to put your thoughts into a compelled and engaging presentation
  • Know your material, your audience, and address your topic appropriately considering their level of knowledge
  • Use personal stories and suitable language to convey your important messages
  • Remember to relax, pause, smile, and transform nervous energy into enthusiasm
  • Visualize yourself giving a successful speech
  • Take every opportunity to practice public speaking in board presentations, conferences, or client meetings as rehearsing and experience help build your confidence


Alison Turner

Alison Turner
Senior Director, Katz & Associates, Inc.

Marie Campbell

Marie Campbell
President, Sapphos Environmental Inc. and second term as At-Large Board Member for the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP)

Jill Kurtz

Kelly Reiss, Ph.D.
Faculty at American Public University