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Tuition & Fees

Our Tuition Rates

Tuitioncost per credit hour

Our total costs of combined tuition, books, and required fees are approximately 17% less for undergraduate and 37% less for graduate students than the average published in-state total costs at public institutions.*

Tuition Grant for Military-Affiliated
To minimize out-of-pocket costs for servicemembers, we offer our military-affiliated students a tuition grant that caps undergraduate tuition at $250/credit hour (military TA limit) and graduate tuition at $325/credit hour. This grant is for U.S. active-duty servicemembers, Guard, Reserve, military spouses and dependents, and veterans.

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(includes tuition, books, fees)


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*Public in-state undergraduate data is provided by the College Board's Trends in College Pricing 2014. Graduate information is provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Digest of Educational Statistics 2012-13 data. Annual estimates are based on the total institutional costs (tuition, fees, and books) required of all students, assuming 30 undergraduate semester credit hours or 18 graduate-level semester credit hours.


  • Admission and registration: $0
  • Transfer credit evaluation: $50
  • Technology (per course): $50
  • Learning Tracks COLL099 or COLL599: $50
  • Late registration: $50
  • Certificate completion: $25
  • Graduate comprehensive exam: $250
  • Graduation (for most degrees): $100
  • Transcripts (per copy):
    • Official electronic: $10
    • Official paper: $20
    • Unofficial electronic: $5

Transfer credit evaluation and technology fees covered by grants for U.S. active-duty military service members, and for Guard and Reserve personnel when using military tuition assistance.

Note: Fees may vary by academic program. For example, ENGR and ELEN courses incur a $100 technology fee.

Refunds & Withdrawals

If you withdraw from or drop a course, your account may be credited based on the guidelines listed below.

8 Week Course Withdrawal Schedule

  • Before or during week 1: 100% refund
  • During week 2: 75%
  • During weeks 3 and 4: 50%
  • During week 5 through 8: No refund

16 Week Course Withdrawal Schedule

  • Before or during week 1 or 2: 100% refund
  • During weeks 3 and 4: 75%
  • During week 5 through 8: 50%
  • During week 9 through 16: No refund

Course withdrawals could impact your eligibility for some financial aid, so it is important to look into that prior to making a decision. 

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