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The state of modern society is best explained through the examination of the pivotal moments in history and the fascinating people and cultures that influenced it. The University offers its widely popular online history degrees and certificates for individuals seeking a foundational education, working professionals, expert historians, and avid history enthusiasts alike.

Students delve into a broad selection of online studies ranging from Military, Civil War, and World War II History, to American, European, Ancient, and Classical History, and more. Students engage with a dynamic group of peers who are devoted to expanding their breadth of historical knowledge and to accurate historical interpretations through comprehensive research and thoughtful discussions.

The pursuit and completion of an online degree in history is helpful in developing professional skills that include quality writing and communications, research and analysis, and the ability to present compelling arguments. The history degree program also provides access to a comprehensive online research library housing special academic texts and materials. In addition, students learn from respected faculty historians, some who are foremost experts in their specific area of study.


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