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What Students Are Saying


Jared Cooper“I can't say enough good things about the Mentor program. My mentor made himself available to me and responded quickly and thoughtfully to my endless litany of questions. I have been given the opportunity to continue in the program by becoming a mentor myself and my hope is that I am able to live up to the example set for me by my mentor. This is an invaluable resource for online students at any level of study and I am glad that I took the chance to be a part of it.” – Jared Cooper


Michelle Faulkner

“I am extremely happy to be a part of the Global Mentor Network. I have found a wonderful mentor that is able and willing to answer any of my questions and help guide me in the right direction with my future career. This is an absolutely wonderful program and I would recommend it to everyone to use.” – Michelle Faulkner


Charles Russo

“In my relatively short time that I have been a mentor through the Global Mentor Network, I have found it to be very user friendly in its application. The application within the web site has allowed rapid communication between the mentor and mentees. Journal and discussion thread tracking has made it easier to keep track of what goals we have accomplished or set and in answering questions that give us the ability to see what has been written prior without having to go back and forth between web pages. The two individuals I have been accountable to as a mentor have been great, they were able to find and choose a mentor for which suited their needs. I look forward to continuing the relationship within the Global Mentor Network well after the current mentorship goals
have been completed.” – Charles Russo


Oliver Snyder

“GMN is a great program because it is so easy to use. The navigation of the site made sense to me. There were plenty of mentors to choose from, so people can choose exactly the kind of mentor they need. My personal mentor was a blessing because she knew exactly the steps I needed to take to reach my goals. Global Mentor Network is the best link between students and mentors. What a tremendous resource.” – Oliver Snyder


Spencer Willardson

"I have been very impressed with the entire Global Mentor Network program. It has made the opportunity of sharing my experience with others comfortable and focused. As a graduate of American Military University I was very happy to be given an opportunity to help students who share my interests. The hardest part about a mentoring relationship is getting matched up with someone whose interests match your own. This program has made that aspect very streamlined and effective. I can definitely say that I have learned as much as I have shared in my relationship as a mentor. This is a very manageable and rewarding way to make a difference. I recommend it
to everyone!” – Spencer L. Willardson


Dustin DeMoss

"The Global Mentor Network is an amazing way to meet individuals that are actually using their degree in their respective fields. You'll gain a perspective from these helpful individuals that would be difficult to get anywhere else." -Dustin DeMoss



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