Criminal Behavior Management in Schools

Graduate Learning Track

The graduate learning track in Criminal Behavior Management in Schools is for the practicing or aspiring school administrator who would like additional training in behavior management in schools related to criminal or deviant juvenile behavior. This 3-course learning track looks at behaviors related to drugs and alcohol, gangs and gang prevention, and the juvenile justice system. This professional development series also counts toward continuing education requirements for educators across the U.S.

Program Courses

The curriculum for this online graduate learning track is reviewed by an advisory council of industry experts for relevancy to today’s marketplace. Course topics include:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse, policies, and treatment
  • Law enforcement agencies and their roles in criminal justice
  • Gangs and violence prevention
  • Juvenile behavior and justice

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Degree at a Glance

Admission Requirements

  • All graduate programs require you to have earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an institution whose accreditation is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
  • If you have a non-U.S. transcript, please view our International Admissions page for more information.
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Additional Costs

In addition to tuition & fees for this program, please note:

  • You will be required to take our COLL599 Classroom Success course. This is a non-credit bearing course that has no associated tuition costs, but does incur a $50 course fee.
  • You will not be able to use military tuition assistance (TA), veteran’s educational benefits, or federal student aid (FSA) to pay for learning track courses.