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Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management




Program Description

This certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of the essential areas of Human Resources to meet the needs of organizations in the 21st century. The topics of study include recruitment, selection, team dynamics, ethics, performance management, compensation, benefits, labor and employee relations, and policy and records management.

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Program Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss various laws, rules, regulations, and policies affecting employees in today’s workplace.
  • Distinguish and discuss various compensation packages and incentives used in recruiting employees for various positions in an organization.
  • Assess leading trends and issues in the field of Human Resource Management.
Certificate Requirements
18 Hours
Human Resource Management
3 hours

This course provides an overview of concepts, skills, theories and techniques involving human resource management and a review of examples involving innovative HR practices in the workplace. There will be an examination of human resource planning, development, and utilization in modern organizations. The establishment and operation of a total human resource program is explored. Topics include recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, reward systems, benefit programs and role of the human resource department.

Compensation and Benefits
3 hours

This course establishes a foundation for the art of compensation and benefit practices. Students will examine the context of compensation and benefit practices, the criteria used to compensate employees, compensation system design issues, employee benefits, and contemporary challenges that compensation and benefits professionals will face given the current economic times.

Employment and Labor Relations
3 hours

This course will explore the historical evolution and current state of employment relations theory. Workplace democracy, the source of workplace conflict, alienation, the evolution of class, collective bargaining, and other issues are discussed from a variety of perspectives. Students will become familiar with terminology and practices such as employee-employer relationships in non-unionized and unionized settings; problems and theories of union organizing, collective bargaining, and contract administration

Human Resource Management Information Systems
3 hours

This course provides a basic overview of various automated information systems that are available to support today’s Human Resource Professional. Students will have the opportunity to utilize systems such as RESUMIX, Peoplesoft, Modern Systems as well as other automated processes. Additional topics include systems security, individual privacy, legal implications and simplifying the interview process.

Human Resource Development
3 hours

Training and development is no longer an option for organizations – continuous learning has become an essential requirement for those companies that wish to sustain market share and compete successfully in the marketplace. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the training and development function and is applicable to all organizations and jobs. Training methods, theories, research findings, and issues regarding training, employee development, and the career management function in organizations will be explored.

Principles and Theory of Management
3 hours

This course is a study of the management process including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Topics include the classical and contemporary management theories that provide a foundation for the manager in today's business environment. (Note to Students: The course materials, assignments, learning outcomes, and expectations in this upper level undergraduate course assume that the student has completed all lower level general education and career planning coursework necessary to develop research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students who have not fulfilled all general education requirements through courses or awarded transfer credit should strongly consider completing these requirements prior to registering for this course.

Program Completion Rates, Median Debt and More

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