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Dr. Nicole Drumhiller

Program Director Professor, Security and Global Studies


Ph.D. in Political Science
Washington State University
M.A. in Political Science
Washington State University
B.A. in Criminal Justice
Washington State University
B.A. in Political Science
Washington State University

Research Interests

Dr. Nicole Drumhiller is the Program Director for the Intelligence Studies Department within the School of Security and Global Studies (SSGS). As the Program Director, Dr. Drumhiller is responsible for and oversees the undergraduate and graduate level intelligence studies curriculums and ensures their alignment with corresponding institutional learning objectives. She is also responsible for the evaluation, mentorship, and development of the department’s faculty to ensure that teaching excellence is met, conducts student-faculty mediation and advocacy, and Chair’s the Intelligence Studies Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), and helps to support university partnerships within SSGS, among other administrative responsibilities. In addition to her work as Program Director, Dr. Drumhiller currently serves as the President of the Center on Transnational Crime and Political Conflict, an educational non-profit organization, and is an Editorial Board Member, for the peer-reviewed Journal of Global Security and Intelligence Studies. She is also a Certified Threat Manager, with the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. Dr. Drumhiller is a published author whose works have focused on group behavior, political leadership, intelligence, and international relations. She has a published within peer-reviewed journals like that of the American Intelligence Journal, and Peace & Change, she has a published book chapter within National Security in the Era of Cyber Espionage and Counterintelligence, and she also publishes within the InPublicSafety Blog. Dr. Drumhiller has presented her work at several different professional conferences to include the International Society of Political Psychology, International Studies Association, and Pacific Northwest Political Science Association. In 2017 she will present her work on “Radical Animal Rights Extremism: Assessing the Nature of the Threat” in Austin, TX at the Southwestern Social Science Association, and she will also present on “Using Geospatial Technology to Diffuse Conflict in Geographically Challenged Areas” alongside Liam O’Brien, an Intelligence Studies Department full-time faculty member, at James Madison University in August 2017. Dr. Drumhiller was a previous instructor at Washington State University where she taught courses in International Relations, Comparative Politics, Security Studies, Civil Liberties, American Public Policy, and Gender and Politics.

Positions Held

2016 - Present
Center for the Study of Transnational Crime and Political Conflict
2006 - 2013
Washington State University
Adjunct Faculty
2012 - 2012
Washington State University Foundation
Prospect Research Analyst

Intellectual Contributions

Access to Information Doesn’t Have to Come with a Pretty Cover and a Price Tag

Katherine H Brannum, Nicole K Drumhiller
April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 25, 2018
Internet Learning Journal

Issues in Maritime Cyber Security

Joseph DiRenzo, Nicole K Drumhiller, Fred Roberts
July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2017
APUS ePress in collaboration with PSO/Westphalia Press

Review of Intelligence Communication in the Digital Era: Transforming Security, Defense and Business.

Nicole K Drumhiller
January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2015
Journal of Strategic Security

What's In a Flag? Identity, Symbols and Protests in Belfast

Elena M Mastors, Nicole K Drumhiller,
October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2014
Peace & Change

Review of Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism by Louise I. Shelley

Nicole K Drumhiller
January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2014
Journal of Strategic Security

External Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

U.S. Fur Industry and Perception of Fear and Threat of Physical Violence

Joint Mink Research Committee
Funded – In Progress

U.S. Fur Industry and Perception of Fear and Threat of Physical Violence

Olympic Fur Breeders
Funded – In Progress


Challenges to State Authority and Control: A Comparison of the Twelve Tribes, Scientology, Reichsbürger, and the U.S. Patriot Movement.

International Studies Association Annual Conference
April 5, 2018

Is it 1 or 80? Classifying Radical Environmental and Animal Rights Based Crime and Terrorism

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting
February 15, 2018

United States and Canada Cross Border Challenges in Responding to Radical Environmental and Animal Rights Extremism

Pacific Northwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting
November 13, 2017

Technology and Forensics: The Future of Law Enforcement

AMU-VACCINE Webinar Series
April 21, 2017

Academic Conferences: Best Practices for Conference Discussants, Chairs, and Presenters

CTL BrownBag
April 19, 2017

Radical Animal Rights Extremism: Assessing the Nature of the Threat

Southwestern Social Science Association Meeting
April 14, 2017

Harnessing the Power of TEVUS

AMU-VACCINE Webinar Series
December 16, 2016

Social Media and its Many uses

AMU-VACCINE Webinar Series
December 16, 2016

Student-Faculty Research Collaboration

Graduate Studies Webinar Series
October 28, 2016

Conference Presentations: Best Practices

SSGS Webinar Series
September 28, 2016

Challenges in Profiling the Anonymous

USC/ARO Workshop on Cyber-Physical Security: Challenges and Approaches
February 4, 2016

Maritime Smuggling: How Technology Can Disrupt the Network

AMU-VACCINE Webinar Series
December 11, 2015

Visual Analytics: A Case for Ethical Decision Making

AMU-VACCINE Webinar Series
September 30, 2015

Decision-Making and Counter Terrorism: How the Visual Analytics of Data Can Help Save Lives

AMU-VACCINE Webinar Series
July 31, 2015

Doctators: A Survey of Physicians as Political Dictators in the 20th and 21st Centuries

International Society of Political Psychology
July 4, 2015

Conducting Scholarly Research: The Role of the Literature Review and Theory

Graduate Studies Webinar Series
May 14, 2015

Applying a Critical Thinking Framework to Improve Intelligence Analysis

Graduate Studies Webinar Series
April 9, 2015

The Challenges and Opportunities of Publishing: A Roundtable

Graduate Studies Webinar Series
March 12, 2015

Shock-Imagery: Good for the Cause or Counterproductive in the Animal Rights Movement?

International Studies Association
February 18, 2015

Conducting Field Research: What You Need!

Graduate Studies Webinar Series
November 20, 2014

What’s In a Flag? Identity, Symbols and Protests in Belfast

International Society of Political Psychology
July 2014

Social Cognition: Awareness of Biases

Washington State Fusion Center Analyst Conference
September 2013

Simulations and Applied Learning

Annual Conference - International Association for Intelligence Education
May 2013

Deterrence and Political Psychology: The Importance of Knowing Your Enemy

Maritime Risk Symposium
November 2012

Nonproliferation Efforts and the Increasing Spread of Cruise Missiles.

Annual Conference - Pacific Northwest Political Science Association
October 2011

Apocalyptic Opportunism: Cult Formation and Violence in an Unstable Nation-State.

Annual Conference - International Studies Association
March 2011

In the Shadow of the Red Queen: State Behavior and Participation in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime.

Annual Conference - Pacific Northwest Political Science Association.
October 2010

Forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hold: The Control Model as a Difficult Fit for the Biological Weapons Regime

Annual Conference - International Studies Association
February 2009

Bioregulator’s and Just War

Annual Conference - Southwest Political Science Association
March 2008

Media Contributions

Podcast: Experts Describe New APUS Doctoral Degree Programs

In Homeland Security
July 12, 2017
Social Media - Podcast

Officers Need Community Support Daily, Not Just After Tragedy

InPublicSafety Blog.
March 2016
Social Media - Blog

Sharpening Scholarly Skills Can Enhance Professional Performance

InPublicSafety Blog.
February 2016
Social Media - Blog

Explore Your Intellectual Curiosity as an Academic Researcher

InPublicSafety Blog.
November 2015
Social Media - Blog

The Path to Strengthening Your Academic Writing Skills

InHomelandSecurity Blog
August 2015
Social Media - Blog

Intelligence Career Options: What Degree Should You Consider?

InHomelandSecurity Blog
June 2015
Social Media - Blog

Is the Use of Shock Imagery Effective for Drawing Public Attention to an Issue?

In Public Safety
August 18, 2014
Social Media - Blog

Domestic Terrorism: Determining the Scope of Localized Threats

Scholar of the Week
March 2013
Social Media - Blog

Certifications and Licensure

January 2015
eMETT 3.0 Expert Level
Paul Ekman Group
January 2015
eSETT 3.0 Expert Level
Paul Ekman Group
March 29, 2016
CITI - Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher
Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)
August 26, 2016
Certified Threat Manager (CTM)
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)

Awards & Honors

June 2013
First Place
International Association for Intelligence Education
First Place in the Professional Category of the IAFIE Essay Contest. Paper with Elena Mastors. "Complex Analysis and Foreign Leaders: The Obligation for Intelligence Education."
June 15, 2013
APUS Outstanding New Faculty Member of the Year Award
American Public University System
APSA Teaching Award Recognition
Faculty Excellence Award
Naval ROTC battalion at Washington State University and the University of Idaho.