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Biography - Karen A Cieslewicz

Dr. Karen Cieslewicz is a licensed general surgeon and physician in the states of Maryland and Michigan. She earned her MA in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from American Public University and her MD from Ross University School of Medicine. In 2009, she earned her Certified Emergency Manager (CEM).

Dr. Karen Cieslewicz became a doctor to make a difference in the more traditional practice of medicine. When the Pentagon was attacked, she had been working as a Vascular Research Assistant in the DC area and witnessed the response that occurred as our country went into crisis mode. Like many Americans, September 11th had a profound impact on Dr. Cieslewicz and changed the direction of her medical career.

Dr. Karen Cieslewicz maintains a private medical practice in Maryland. She is also involved in many aspects of Emergency Management and Disaster Medicine. She serves in the VT Civil Air Patrol as a Captain in the Medical Corps, Critical Incident Stress Management in Pennsylvania; Maryland Volunteer Fire Department and the Medical Director for Safety and Technical Rescue Association in Michigan.

Dr. Karen Cieslewicz is also an adjunct faculty member within the University of Maryland System teaching Disaster Medicine and the Advance Life Support (ALS) program to first responders. She is also a Subject Matter Expert for IAEM for Region III in various aspects of Emergency Management, Radiation Issues and Disaster Medicine. She serves on the Maryland Radiological advisory control Board. Lastly, Dr, Karen Cieslewicz serves as a Medical Officer in the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) on the PA -1 team, and her last deployment was 2010 to Haiti.


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