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Other Letters and Samples


Sending a letter to a prospective employer is a personable and professional way to relay information, offer thanks, follow-up, show your interest, and accept or decline a job offer. The following examples represent a variety of letters that you may use during your job search. Each section includes the appropriate time to send these letters, what should be included, and a sample to review.

Thank You LetterThank You Letter

A thank you letter is essential and should be placed in the mail the day after the interview. If competition between you and another candidate is intense, the thank-you letter may give you an edge because it shows courtesy and interest in the position. Keep your note cordial, simple, and brief. Thank the interviewer for inviting you and say that it was a pleasure to meet him or her. Mention something you learned during the interview. Finally, assure them of your continued interest in the position, provided you are still interested.

Acceptance PlayerAcceptance Letter 

Although most employers will provide an official acceptance letter, you might find yourself in a position where you must create one. If the job you accept involves a number of agreements such as salary, health benefits, a 401(k) plan, stock options, annual raises, vacation days, work hours, and travel, then your acceptance letter will confirm those agreements and ensure that you and your employer have a mutual understanding about the terms of your employment.

Decline Position LetterDeclining Position Letter 

If you find that you need to decline an employment offer, you should refuse the offer in a professional and courteous manner. First, decline politely and as soon as possible, so the employer can offer the job to the next best applicant. Usually, the fastest way to decline is via phone. Next, follow up with a "no-thank-you" letter to the individual who offered you the position. Your declining position letter should be respectful and appreciative of the offer. While you may decline the position, the contact you have made may be an ally in the future.

Please note that names and contact information used in these samples are completely fictitious and have been used for the purposes of providing realistic samples. 

A portion of the information above was retrieved from Career Insider, powered by Vault.

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