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Internship Frequently Asked Questions


Having experience to list on your resume is essential to gaining a competitive edge and success in your job search. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding internships. Need additional guidance? Call 877-755-2787 or email

Does APUS award credit hours for internship, volunteer, or co-employment programs?

No, but there are limited circumstances under which certain academic programs might require completion of an experiential education component. Please contact for further information.

Where should I look to find an internship?

The Department of Career Services is a great place to start. In addition, there are an abundance of internships available. Look everywhere—from job search engines to university websites—and leave no stone unturned!

Internships are not always posted like job openings and may involve some digging. Many foundations, institutes, federal departments, and agencies have internships; it’s just a matter of finding them on their websites, locating a satellite office close to you, or contacting the right person.

Can I expect to find an internship close to where I live?

Generally speaking, if you live in a major metropolitan area, you will have a diverse number of internships available, whereas if you live outside of such areas, you should not expect to have the same quantity of internships available.

When are deadlines?

Deadlines vary between organizations, though you should expect most non-federal internship applications to be due at least four or five months prior to when the internship is set to start. For federal internships, application deadlines can be as much as several months to almost a year before the internship begins. If you are looking for a federal internship, make sure you start looking early!

Are internships paid?

Sometimes. You will find that whether an internship is paid or unpaid depends on where you are looking. For instance, the federal government offers a number of paid internships; however, they are less plentiful and more competitive than unpaid positions offered by the federal government. Other organizations, such as many think-tanks, will offer a stipend, while others offer an hourly wage, and still others offer nothing. Remember, even if your internship is unpaid, the experience you will gain from the internship will make you a more competitive applicant when it comes time to apply for jobs.

How many hours per week should I expect to work while I am doing an internship?

You will find that many internships require that you work at least 15 or 20+ hours per week. This is not the rule however, as many other internships are full-time. Oftentimes, it will say in the description of an internship posting whether the internship is full-time or part-time and will list minimum hour requirements.

If I have to travel to do an internship, will I be compensated both for travel and living expenses?

You will find that the majority of internships will not provide compensation for travel expenses (e.g., airfare, etc.); although, some might provide compensation if you have to commute via public transport (e.g., the subway or metro). Some organizations might provide a housing stipend, but it should not be counted on.

Whom should I contact if I need help finding an internship?

Feel free to submit any questions to

Will the university place me in an internship?

The Department of Career Services does not provide placement services, but will help to identify leads.

When should I complete my internship?

Many internships are offered only at a specific time in the calendar year (i.e. summer internships); however, there are also many internships that are offered year-round. When applying to internships, be sure to scrutinize your own schedule and make sure that you have both the time and financial means to do an internship.

What does APU/AMU need to know about my internship?

Some internships (such as federal internships) require an agreement, which must be signed by a representative of the university. There are several departments that can sign these agreements or serve as your internship contact, and the Department of Career Services is one of them. Feel free to email us at with the agreement filled in as completely as possible. 

Even if your internship does not require an agreement, we would still like to hear about it!

My internship requires an agreement. Who is supposed to sign it?

There are several departments that can sign your agreement or serve as your internship contact, and the Department of Career Services is one of them. Feel free to email us at with the agreement information filled in as completely as possible.


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